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No matter your major, your skillset, your past levels of experience - there is a place for you in the Rutgers Climate Movement. Join a student organization that best suits your interest, utilize your research/lab skills by participating in ongoing studies and initiatives,  or incorporate positive global change into your academic path today!

RU Recycling

RU Recycling? If so, join our campaign! We are working on increasing awareness of proper recycling practices, holding events like cleanups, and trying to implement a campus-wide recycling program with IPO.


We are bringing back SusCo to its former glory! This means collaborating and rebuilding bonds with organizations that are concerned with environmental, economic, and social sustainability.


Did you know ⅓  of food in the U.S. is wasted annually? Join our campaign to discover ways to reduce food waste while combating food insecurity at RU & the surrounding community. Our goals are to:

  • Reduce food waste

  • Raise awareness on food insecurity

  • Support locally grown produce in the New Brunswick community

  • Work with Rutgers administration to stay on track with climate commitments


SEAT is an SEA campaign which promotes sustainable, healthy & safe transportation. We are currently working on reviving the Bike Rental program, offering free biking safety classes and campus group rides. We are also trying to make the bus route system more environmentally friendly, improve bike lane infrastructure and increase walking on campus. Ultimately our goal is to get more RU students & employees cycling!


SEADM (formerly know as Graphics) is dedicated to working both hand in hand with other campaigns and independently on social media projects. We create  instagram posts & stories, event flyers, tiktoks, as well as work on the website. Join our graphics team to help us create some stellar SEA content!

Or start your own initiative! Use your research skills & passions to start your own campaign at SEA. Found a topic that needs attention? Give it a spotlight by creating a campaign! We would love to hear your ideas.

Fog and Nature

To learn more about Rutgers Environmental Organizations

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